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Why the Presetter Is an Important Part of the Manufacturing Process

By:  Triumph Tool

In a manufacturing facility you will come across many value-add tools designed to help gain productivity and result in savings to your bottom line. At Triumph Tool, we believe that the Tool Presetter is just as important as any other tool you have to get you the results you are looking for with less down time!

Introducing Omega by Parlec

OmegOmega by Parlec- Triumph Toola TMM by Parlec is a provider of world-class tool measuring machines, also known as presetter, used in the machine tool industry. Parlec has recently separated the presetter division, now branded Omega, from the tool holder division to give the market a higher degree of support and focus in R&D to bring new, innovative machine technology to customers.

What is a presetter?

Presetters precisely measure cutting tools and grinding tool assemblies, employed in the Metal industry, and other various other industries such as stone and wood. You can apply those very accurate measurements to your CNC to avoid manual process such as touching off or taking skim cut passes which take away valuable time costing you money.

Omega by Parlec currently has an expansive global network including engineering and manufacturing partners throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. World headquarters are in Fairport, NY with a strong local representation in Ontario through Triumph Tool.



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