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Vue Lite: Tool Inspection System


Tool Inspection System

Simple and easy-to-use are the 2 words that come to mind when using the Vue Lite tool inspection machine. With 95x magnification and the most intuitive tool inspection software in the industry the Vue Lite is lightyears ahead of its competition.

The NEW Omega Vue and Vue Lite are simple yet robust machines for the inspection of your cutting tools. 

VUE LITE Features

Ball nose

Radii inspection using edge detection

Step reamer

.DXF file overlay

Rake angle inspection using scales

Helical angle and land width 0.0030 tool getting measurements plotting with points

Angle measurements plotting with points

Measurements found after the points

Rotating Axis

Creation of Reports

Document the Image

Advanced Software

Microscope: *00464-1A 6X optical system

Magnification*: 15x, 20x, 30x, 40x, 55x, 75x, 95×2

Field of view: 15x = 22 mm, 20x = 16.5 mm, 30x = 11.0 mm, 40x = 8 mm, 55x = 6.5 mm, 75x = 4.2 mm, 95x =3.5 mm

Camera: *5 mega pixel, ½” format USB 3.0 color camera

Range of Focus: 12mm

Computer: *Dell mini-tower or desk top, i7
quad core processor, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB
hard drive. Digital DP 4K video card

Monitor: 24″ diagonal 3840 x 2160 RES flat panel

Operating System: *Windows 7, 64 bit; Windows 10, 64 bit

Scales: *Fagor 1 micron

Light: Variable Intensity LED work light

Language: English, German, Chinese

Software: Software upgrades are free using “Check for Upgrade” in software file menu, v.7 only

Measuring Range: 75 mm vertical x 200 mm horizontal

Repeatability: .010 mm (.0005″) at max. magnification

General Information: Dimensions: 24″ wide x 19″ deep x 18″ high

Weight: 140 lbs

Power: 110 volts default; 220 optional

Warranty: One year on all parts supplied by Omega TMM at the time of purchase as an upgrade or full system

“The Vue and Vue Lite are game changers for our customers as the optical tool inspection systems are designed specifically for the cutting tool industry”

-Ryan Meleg
Vice-President for Global Sales 

“Our Customers can now receive user friendly tool inspection systems and software from a US based company already familiar tool measurement machines with 70+ years in the measurement business.”

Mike Nuccitelli
President & CEO

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