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The fastest, most reliable, and most accurate heat shrink/measurement combo PERIOD. Through years of engineering and innovation Omega TMM has developed the ultimate machine to meet your high capacity heat shrink and presetting needs. Cutting edge technology such as a proprietary self cooling induction coil shrink head built for continuous shrinking 24 hours a day 7 days a week make the SOLIS a real workhorse.

The Powerhouse Presetter & Heat Shrink Combo Machine

  • C.H.I.L.L. automated 60 second tool cooling
  • Perfect Set provides users the ability to set tool height to an industry leading +/- 5 microns
  • Length Verification Spindle for quick serial shrinking of different length and diameter tools with no extra “masterpiece” step required
  • Virtual Control Device for simple ergonomic use
  • Mobile Command Center rolling kiosk
  • Precision Tool Tip Finder
  • Fume extractor to remove all vapors produced from the heated tool
  • A fully integrated heat shrink and presetting unit
  • Autofocus CNC Spindle
  • Up to 7 full CNC axis
  • Serial shrinking of different tool heights and diameters
  • 70x Magnification lens
  • Pearlitic cast iron construction with our proprietary SYMMETRY design
  • Holding recognition system
  • Liquid cooled tray for hot cutting tools
  • Micron accurate fine adjust
  • Cold Source LED Tool Inspection Light
  • OPTIK Tool Measuring and Management Software Suite
  • 21.5” touch-screen monitor
  • Automated unshrinking of damaged tools
  • Echo
  • AAIM
  • Label printer
  • Casters


  • Length: 1854 mm (73”)
  • Width: 813 mm (32”)
  • Height: 1930 mm (76”)
  • Average Shipping Weight: 930 kg (2050 lbs)


  • 120V AC or 220V AC, 50 Hz to 63 Hz
  • 480V AC 3 phase
  • Air: 80-110 PSI


  • Height: 600mm
  • Diameter: 320mm
  • Snap Gauge: 75mm
  • Dual 21.5” monitors for tool management window and OPTIK software
  • Optional 15” touch screen LVS Monitor

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