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Yes, Omega TMM is the only USA manufacturer of tool presetters. Our headquarters is located in Fairport, NY just outside of Rochester and all of our presetter assembly is performed here. In addition to our USA facility, we have a wholly-owned foreign enterprise located in Nanjing, China, which offers sales and service support for the Chinese market.

You can touch off tools in your machine, but is that the best use of your machining center? Wouldn’t you rather have your machining center making chips and making you money? Our tool presetters allow you to measure your tool assemblies off line thus minimizing set up time on your expensive machining center. Our presetters typically have a payback period of less than one year. In addition, our presetters have capabilities beyond what you can measure in a machining center.

Almost all of our presetter software is written by Omega employees right here in the USA. On occasion, we use local contractors to assist with large projects. Our ability to write our own software allows us to quickly react to requests for custom applications. This is a key differentiator between us and our competition.

We offer a complete line of tool presetters for the metal cutting, stone grinding, and glass grinding industries. For the metal cutting industry our entry-level presetter the Origin is an economically priced machine that delivers micron-level accuracy.

Our Veri-Grind and Veri-Grind Lite are designed for the precision inspection of grinding tools for the stone grinding industry.

Omega also offers a complete line of heat shrink machines. From our air-cooled tabletop Heat Shrink Lite to our liquid quenched floor standing Shrink Set Pro, we have the right heat shrink machine to meet your requirements.

In addition, we offer all of your needed presetter accessories including adapters, test bars, zero gages, printers, and printer labels.

To receive a quote on an Omega TMM Tool Presetter, simply reach out through our contact form to get a Regional Sales Manager to connect with you to discuss the quote and any other questions you may have.


Yes, Omega Tool Measuring Machines offers several different preventative maintenance and calibration programs for your presetter. From the basic inspection to a full-blown re-calibration using state of the art Renishaw laser interferometers, we have the right program offering for you.

Omega TMM offers many upgrade options that will take your older Parlec presetter to the latest camera and software packages offered on our newest Omega presetters.

Parlec Inc. produced two separate product lines. The first product line was a tool holding line that consisted of various types of tool holders, including ER collet chucks, endmill holders, shell mill holders, and a line of tapping and boring products. The second product line produced by Parlec was the Parlec Presetter line. A decision was made to sell the toolholding product line and with that product line the name Parlec went as well. Our ownership retained the presetter business and renamed that portion of the company Omega Tool Measuring Machines Inc.

Yes! At Omega TMM, our team partners with top-notch companies to offer our customers the best product and experience possible. Our partners include:

TDM Systems | Software Partner: Tool Data Management with TDM Systems centralizes and optimizes your production resources automatically and accurately. Thanks to a custom highly integrated interface between Omega presetters and TDM, proper preparation and exact measurement can be assured- within the proper tolerances in a single click.

Ascentium Capital | Financing Partner: We would like you to have a convenient way to achieve world-class tool measuring. This is why we teamed up with a specialized commercial lender, Ascentium Capital, to provide our customers with tool presetter financing.

BZDesign, Inc | Marketing + Design Partner: BZDesign is a full suite creative design firm based in Rochester, NY. BZDesign supports the Omega TMM team in product design, website design, branding, and marketing.

NextCorps | Business Resources Partner: One of ten designated “Regional Technology Development Centers” and part of the New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). The mission of MEP nationally – and of NextCorps Growth services here in the Finger Lakes Region – is to support the growth of small to mid-sized manufacturing companies.

Omega TMM provides fast, flexible financing on our tool presetters so world-class measurement and savings are made available for any customer.

We are offering enhanced financing options to our customers during these times.

For more information on Omega TMM’s financing options, click here.

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