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Viewpoint Project

“The goal of the Viewpoint Project is to enlighten the audience by delivering diverse informational and educational documentaries by covering a variety of issues and topics. Viewpoint Project is on the cutting edge of the television documentary industry, producing top quality programming for Public Television… Each story has one thing in common – changing our lives for the better.”

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Airing Prime Time (6:00 pm-11:45 pm) on PBS, Fox Business Network , CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Discovery Life and CNN Headline News between June 1, 2021 and June 30, 2021

Industrialization is the backbone of america’s economy.  So it’s vital that the machines inside our manufacturing plants run reliably & accurately.

Founded in 1948, Omega TMM is the only tool measuring and management company based out of the United States.  Everything – from their software development to sales and manufacturing – is proudly accomplished right here in Fairport, New York.

Omega TMM provides American quality excellence where precision & accuracy are paramount.  When one micron equal to 1/70th of a human hair measurement makes a world of difference, tools need to be exact.  Exporting their technology across the globe, hundreds of worldwide manufacturers are reaping the benefits of Omega TMM’s innovations in tool measuring & management.

Omega TMM is leading the industrial renaissance towards a digital tomorrow.

OmegaTMM was selected by The Viewpoint Project to showcase our commitment to company values, attention to customer service, and pride in being American-Made.  We competed against many other companies but were ultimately selected for overachieving in these 4 areas.

Commitment to Customer Excellence

Our customers are put first in every aspect from development to manufacturing throughout the entire customer’s lifetime. We deliver on our promises and partner with our customers to achieve their key objectives.

Consistent Innovation

We continuously improve our products and processes to offer the latest in tool measuring technology and management solutions giving our customers the competitive edge. Recently, we unveiled the new John F. Nuccitelli Center for Customer Excellence to showcase our offerings both virtually and in person to the world.

Vision of the Future

Our decades in the global manufacturing industry and knowledge of this market gives us the ability to fulfill our customers’ needs when they want it. Our employees and unique culture seek to push the boundaries on Industry 4.0 and beyond.

US Made Company

We represent a solid, US based company where all our manufacturing and software development starts right here in the US. We are an exporter of our technology and solutions throughout the world and are a shining beacon to students learning in the field of manufacturing, tooling and technology.

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World Class Presetters & Tool Management Solutions

Our products and solutions showcase the best in design, engineering, manufacturing, and performance to produce the most accurate and reliable tool presetters and tool management solutions in the world. Everything – from our software development to sales and manufacturing – is proudly accomplished right here in Fairport, New York.

Professional Customer Service & 10-Year Warranty

We offer the most experienced, dedicated and proven service team who is ready to support you in any way based on your needs and conditions. We are committed to providing you the highest level of quality, dependability and reliability in the industry. Our 10 year warranty is the best in the industry built on our outstanding reputation across the globe.

More Than Great Technology, OmegaTMM is A Great Place to Work

Our customer centric company starts with our loyal employees where our passion is your production. We start each morning talking about YOU- our customers in a unique morning meeting. We understand your business needs. We are Proud to be Made in America and support community based programs to better improve the lives of our fellow Americans and Global Partnerships.

Behind the Scenes

A Message from our CEO, Mike Nuccitelli

“Being featured in Dennis Quaid’s Viewpoint series is not only another key milestone for Omega TMM, but it is a testimonial to all our employees, customers, and business partners who have worked so hard in this industry. Manufacturing is ever changing but one constant is the people who fuel American ingenuity in all industries. I am humbled by the fact that Omega TMM was selected to showcase the manufacturing and tooling industry in action and feature our company  to the world. Your success is our success. I hope you will join us on the journey towards the new digital renaissance that starts today.”

-Mike Nuccitelli, President & CEO

Omega TMM Customer Spotlight

The roots of our partnership with Arch Global go back to the early 1990s under the former ownership with Liberty Tool and Jasco Precision names  ultimately bought by Arch in 2013.  As a customer, Arch continues to value our  presetter line and in 2020 was the first customer to buy the brand new Helios Heatshrink machine, the most affordable in its category. We selected Arch Precision Tools to be featured in the Viewpoint series based on our common commitment to our customers, innovation and leadership in the tooling industry.  We are proud to partner as evidenced in the videos as we both bring significant value to the manufacturing and technology industry.  We are excited as this marketing partnership continues to grow to our existing base and new customers just joining our family.  Thank you Arch and all our amazing customers.

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