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Optik: Tool Measuring & Management Software

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Optik is designed with flexibility, upgraded performance, and a responsive, customizable user interface.

Optik uses the latest technologies, with modularity of features and a sleek, modernized user interface all on one screen. Easier to train, easier to learn, uniform across different machines.

– Fast
– User-Friendly
– Scalable
– Secure
– Vibrant


Talk to our in-house software team about all your software questions – they’ve got solutions.

Mechanical components move at your fingertips

Efficient and accurate built-in routines

Capture X, Z, radii and angles in real time

Data is sent to RFID systems and machine controls

Clean and informative reporting

Designed, Developed, & Supported In-House

“Can I upgrade the software on my presetter?”

Depending on your current Omega TMM presetter, you may be eligible to upgrade. Contact our sales department for a free assessment to see if your hardware is compatible with Optik. 1-844-396-5537 or [email protected]

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