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Presetter Spec Sheets

Compare Features of All Omega Presetters

The Full-Suite Powerhouse Presetter

The Most Economical Heat Shrink/Presetter Combo

Compare Features of All Omega Presetters

Transform your Production Efficiency from Good to World Class

Need Accurate Measurements but Tight on Space?

With a 1000lb Spindle Capacity, it Will Measure Any Tool

The Most Repeatable Measuring Machines on the Market

Developed Specifically for Micro Tools with Micro Features

Easy to Use, Cost Effective, Shop Floor Ready

Specialty Machines

A Full Environmental Enclosure with an Automated Light Diffuser

Meet the Family of ShrinkSet Machines

The Benchmark for Grinding Wheel Form and Offset Verification

The Cost Effective Bench-Top Solution for Grinding Wheel Verification

A Simple Yet Robust Machine for the Inspection of Cutting Tools

Simple and Easy-to-Use for Fast yet Accurate Tool Inspecting

Additional Information

A Brief Overview of Omega TMM

Bringing You an Industry 4.0 Ready Partnership for Tool Management

2021 Omega TMM Catalog