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Omega TMM World Headquarters in Fairport NY is where innovation is born. Customer feedback is what drives the manufacturing world, you speak and we listen. Our mechanical engineering and software engineering teams work hand in hand with our executive team to develop the most user friendly, accurate, repeatable, and reliable tool measuring machines on the planet!

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The most accurate automated tool height setting available patent pending. Utilizing an ultra precise sub 1-micron resolution glass scale encoder users have the ability to accurately set tool heights to +/-  5 microns, the best in the business!


Utilizing Balluff nearfield RFID communication the spindle offsets are automatically adjusted no matter what cartridge or adapter type you are using with no operator action needed.


Utilize a 3D CAD mouse to control all 3 automated axes on your CNC presetter.
This hands-off control allows micron precise movement, and increases throughput, while being flexible to accommodate ergonomic challenges. Our VCD has 3 fully programmable “smart buttons” that can be used to complete often used functions with the press of a single button. (3 axis CNC required)


User friendly yet robust our G3/P7 software suites were designed for productivity. Intuitive function and an elegant no nonsense GUI make the Omega TMM machines the easiest to use presetting machines on the market.


Automated Analysis Inspection and Measurement software allows you to verify profiles and the most difficult forms with ease. Our fully automated imaging software will create a 2+ million point cloud to generate a micron precise DXF for overlay or export. Robust features like tolerance bands, nominal vs. actual comparison, and shadow delete make AAIM your number one choice for all your profiling needs. (3 axis CNC required)


The world’s only “learning presetter”! Simply turn on the Echo function, measure your tool and Echo will learn your movements, optimize the program, and create your macro. This is hands down the simplest way to program presetting macros on the market. Period. (3 axis CNC required)


Read and write RFID tags on your tool holder from any provider with the push of a button.


Featuring dual precision ground guideways on each axis, sub-micron resolution glass scales, and double recirculating ball bearings sourced from some of the finest manufacturers in the world. The Omega TMM product line is the apex of the term “World Class.”

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