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Developed specifically for micro tools and micro features. With an industry-leading 300x lens, the MICRO presetter can measure even the most microscopic features repeatedly and accurately. If your process requires the use of micro tooling from endmills and drills to super abrasive grinding tools. The 300x lens on the Omega TMM MICRO will ensure a crisp image with industry leading accuracy to set your tools.

  • Fully integrated environmental enclosure with auto-retracting light diffuser
  • 300x magnification bi-telecentric lensing
  • Autofocus CNC Spindle
  • 500+ lbs universal power clamping spindle force with interchangeable cartridge system to work with any tool holding type
  • Integrated spindle brake and 360° indexing
  • 1μ or less repeatable measuring
  • Shop floor ready, full size freestanding machine
  • Precision Tool Tip Finder
  • Cold Source LED Tool Inspection Light
  • OPTIK Tool Measuring and Management Software Suite
  • AAIM Profiling Software
  • ECHO
  • Virtual Control Device
  • Robust easy to use control interface
  • Pearlitic cast iron construction with our proprietary SYMMETRY design
  • 21.5” touch screen monitor
  • 3-Axis CNC
  • Label printer


  • Overall Width: 1575mm (62”)
  • Depth: 813mm (32”)
  • Height: 400mm Column (1730mm / 68”)
  • Average Shipping Weight: 522kg (1150lbs.)


  • 420mm (16.5”)


  • 120V AC or 220V AC, 50Hz to 63Hz
  • Air: 80-110PSI


  • Manual and automated RFID systems
  • Mazak Cyber Tool and Smooth
  • Tool Management system integration
  • Data output
  • Perfect Set automated tool height system
  • Holding recognition system

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