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Statera: Tool Balancer

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Dynamic Tool Balancer

STATERA revolutionizes machining by ensuring optimal tool balance. Its precision-driven technology minimizes vibrations, extends tool life, and enhances overall machining excellence, making it an indispensable asset for precision-focused industries. 

Seamlessly integrated with any presetter in the lineup, STATERA elevates your tool setup process to new heights of efficiency and accuracy.

Programs to Correct Unbalance:

  • Single plane static balancing
  • Dual plane dynamic balancing
  • Mechanical clamping
  • Pneumatic unclamping
  • Coupling seat suited to many kinds of adapters
  • Precise unbalanced point indicator light
  • Steel-based construction, with components built to withstand the shop floor environment
  • Transparent manual door and safety lock
  • 17’’ touch screen control
  • Storage of the balancing program within user-friendly database
  • Allows user to see the out of balance angular position in reference to the rotor
  • Dual modes for calibration: self-learning mode or dimensional mode (setting of the correction planes position and correction radii.)
  • Enter balancing grade, rotor weight, and speed to calculate the unbalance threshold
  • Utilizes customer’s specific balancing grades
  • Displays the following at the end of a cycle:
    • Unbalance value in set measuring unit
    • Angular position of the unbalance
    • Prompts to correct the unbalance (drilling, milling, etc.)


  • Max tool diameter: 400mm (15.75’’)
  • Max tool height: 550mm (21.7’’)
  • Max rotor weight: 20kg (44 lbs.)
  • Motor power: 0.1kw
  • Max speed: 800 rpm
  • Air: 90 psi
  • Weight: 240 kg / 530 lbs.
  • Power: 220V 1 phase, 50-60 Hz


  • Thermal printer
  • Data transfer via ethernet


  • ISO 30/40/50
  • HSK 32 ACE/40 BDF
  • HSK 40 ACE/50 BDF
  • HSK 50 ACE/63 BDF
  • HSK 63 ACE/80 BDF
  • HSK 80 AC/100 BD
  • HSK 100 AC/125 BD

The Dynamic Duo of Tool Balancers and Presetters

In the intricate world of machining, two seemingly distinct components, tool balancers and presetters, converge to form a symbiotic partnership that significantly enhances machining efficiency. At Omega TMM, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest innovation, the STATERA tool balancer, a true game-changer that seamlessly complements our precision-focused presetters. This dynamic duo offers a host of compelling advantages, delivering not only enhanced performance but also optimized workflow.

Compatible with Any Presetter

STATERA elevates your tool setup process to new heights of efficiency and accuracy and seamlessly integrates with any presetter in Omega TMM’s lineup, as well as other brand’s presetter.

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