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Omega TMM Powered by TDM Systems

Precision begins with Omega TMM powered by TDM Systems and ends with the perfect part the first time every time! From small tool room systems to worldwide integrations, Omega TMM and TDM can support you no matter where you are on the globe. We understand your industry needs and provide you with Tool Lifecycle solutions to solve your daily challenges. We understand that one size does not fit all and we use a consultative approach to determine what the best fit is for your company.


Omega TMM manufactures world class tool presetters that are the most accurate, repeatable, and reliable measuring machines on the market. Omega presetting machines can help improve efficiency to make you a market leader in your industry!


Tool Data Management with TDM Systems centralizes and optimizes your production resources automatically and accurately. Thanks to a custom highly integrated interface between Omega presetters and TDM, proper preparation and exact measurement can be assured- within the proper tolerances in a single click!


The benefits of repeatability are increased productivity, consistent tool planning, and mistake/error reduction. The combination of Omega and TDM is the solution you have been looking for!

Leverage our Partnership to Win the Industry 4.0 Race

TDM software solutions help you to optimize processes, both in planning and in real production. The recipe for success and the heart of TDM software is the central database for tools and items. It stands for the integration of all simulation and manufacturing systems and machines and guarantees a transparent flow of data across all departments.

Saving you Time and Money

We’ve built this partnership based on the challenges you see every day on the shop floor. Improving your efficiency guarantees you time and money savings while making you the vendor of choice. Your success starts by surrounding yourself with partners who work together to take the guesswork out of production by combining many years of knowledge and experience to make you the industry leader!

The Perfect Hardware/Software Combo

Omega TMM has evolved from decades of leadership in the tool holder and presetter business, now run exclusively under the Omega brand. TDM Systems is the pioneer of tool data management with over 25 years of success.

Exactus XL Presetter

Experience Omega TMM Powered by TDM Systems

Speak with your Regional Sales Manager

Omega TMM prides itself on being the only US manufacturer of tool presetters and we stand behind our machines with the best warranty in the industry. With thousands of machines in service today, we have built our reputation by providing world class service to extend the life of your presetter.