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Built Stronger than the Rest

Seen above: The Fortis Pro Presetter simulating measurements a 600lb tool.


Omega TMM currently manufactures the world’s strongest presetter with weight capacity exceeding 600lbs! Built with a cast iron frame, Omega TMM’s non-contact presetters are capable of holding a heavier tool than any other presetter on the market.

The machines are made from an iron-carbon alloy, which gives the tool measuring machines unprecedented stability, repeatability, and reliability. With weight that would snap other presetters in two, Omega TMM’s lineup of specialty XL presetters continues to provide precision measurement with accuracies down to +/- 1 micron, no matter the size of the tool.


Slow motion pouring melted cast iron. Manufactured in the USA.


Precision measurement no matter the size of the tool

When measuring a heavy tool, it is critical that the measurements are precise before the CNC machining starts. Heavier tools typically involve using more expensive materials and more complex dimensions, all of which can add up to a high cost if there is a machine collision.

Reduce your scrap rates and increase your uptime even with your largest most complicated tools!



Built Strong, Right here in America

OMEGA TMM is the only company in the tool presetter market to offer sales, support, manufacturing, and assembly in the U.S.A.! Give us a call today, and you will be connected to our support staff located within the Omega TMM headquarters in Fairport, NY. Go ahead, give it a try.