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The Dynamic Duo of Tool Balancers and Presetters

In the intricate world of machining, two seemingly distinct components, tool balancers and presetters, converge to form a symbiotic partnership that significantly enhances machining efficiency. At Omega TMM, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest innovation, the STATERA tool balancer, a true game-changer that seamlessly complements our precision-focused presetters. This dynamic duo offers a host of compelling advantages, delivering not only enhanced performance but also optimized workflow.


Striking the Perfect Balance

Achieving optimal balance is paramount for achieving peak machining performance. The STATERA tool balancer plays a crucial role in ensuring that each tool operates with impeccable balance, effectively minimizing vibrations and mitigating stress on machinery. This pivotal feature translates into extended tool lifespan, reduced wear and tear, and, ultimately, the production of higher quality machining results.


Precision Amplified with Presetters

Our presetters have long been recognized for their exceptional accuracy, streamlining tool setup processes and significantly boosting machining efficiency. When paired with the STATERA tool balancer, this precision is taken to new heights. Tools that are pre-balanced by the STATERA undergo meticulous measurement and setup in our presetters, fostering an amalgamation of accuracy and balance that culminates in unmatched machining excellence.


The Inner Workings of STATERA: A True Workhorse

The STATERA tool balancer, an essential component in precision machining, ensures tools are in equilibrium. It achieves this by meticulously adjusting their weight distribution, preventing vibrations and stress during operation. STATERA employs single-plane static and dual-plane dynamic balancing techniques for accuracy. Its durable steel-based construction and transparent manual door guarantee safety on the shop floor. Controlled by a 17’’ touch screen, STATERA stores balancing programs and displays unbalance values, angular positions, and correction prompts at the end of each cycle. With features like precise unbalanced point indication, dual calibration modes, and adaptable balancing grades, STATERA elevates machining efficiency while promoting machine longevity.



Elevating Efficiency – The Power of Synergy

In the realm of machining, efficiency is the cornerstone of success. This is precisely where the harmonious alliance of tool balancers and presetters, embodied by the STATERA from Omega TMM, truly shines. This fusion of cutting-edge technologies offers a range of benefits that contribute to elevating your machining processes:

  • Prolonged Tool Longevity
    The STATERA tool balancer’s impeccable balance significantly reduces wear on tools, translating into an extended lifespan and a noticeable reduction in replacement costs, thereby optimizing your budget.
  • Heightened Machining Quality
    The intricate balance achieved through the STATERA’s precision contributes to superior machining outcomes. Tools that are meticulously balanced, accurately measured, and expertly set guarantee tighter tolerances and consistent, high-quality results.
  • Reduced Machinery Strain
    The balanced state of tools directly alleviates the strain placed on machinery during operation. This results in minimized vibrations and stress on machine components, leading to smoother operation and decreased maintenance requirements over time.
  • Seamless Workflow
    The seamless integration of STATERA-balanced tools with our presetters doesn’t merely optimize your machining processes; it revolutionizes them. This unified approach expedites tool setup, enhances overall machining efficiency, and maintains the exceptional accuracy that Omega TMM is renowned for.


Empowering Machining Excellence

In the landscape of manufacturing, precision is the ultimate goal. The fusion of tool balancers and presetters epitomizes this precision, delivering a robust toolkit to achieve top-tier machining outcomes. With Omega TMM’s STATERA tool balancer and presetters at your disposal, you’re equipped to take your machining excellence to unparalleled heights. Experience the power of precision, efficiency, and innovation with Omega TMM’s STATERA and presetters by your side.